"Don’t ever feel bad for making a decision that upsets other people. You are not responsible for their happiness. You are responsible for your happiness."
— Isaiah Henkel (via wolf-cub)

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Collection of the Creepiest and the Weirdest Wikipedia Pages

I’ve seen quite a few similar posts floating around, so here’s one with some pages that weren’t included in the others. Just as all these posts go, do not read if you are easily disturbed or triggered. Some of these are extremely graphic.

Crimes & Killers:

Hinterkaifeck Murders
The Vampire Rapist 
The Hi-Fi Murders
Hello Kitty Murder
Sasebo Slashing
Keddie Murders
Murder of James Bulger
Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs (3 Guys 1 Hammer)
Sada Abe
The Vampire of Sacramento
The Little Girl Murderer
Tylenol Murders
Issei Sagawa
Luka Magnotta
Blood Countess
Murder of Tim McLean
The Boy in the Box
Murder of Shanda Sharer
Robert Pickton
Theresa Knorr
Strip Search Phone Call Scam
Unit 731
Rape of Nanking
Hoeryong Concentration Camp
Sawney Bean

The Unknown:

Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter
Belmez Faces
Jimmy Carter UFO Incident
Clinton Road
Cicada 3301
Rosalia LombardoWeeping Statue
Exorcism of Anneliese Michel
La Llorona
The Superman Curse
EctoplasmKuchisake-Onna (Slit Mouthed Woman)
Rat King
SS Baychimo
Salish Sea Human Foot Discoveries
Green Children of Woolpit
Skinwalker Ranch
Devil’s Tramping Ground
Pope Lick Monster
Devil’s Chair


Revival Experiments
Cotard Delusion
Elephant Man
Penis Panic
The Toxic Lady
Sensory Deprivation
Youngest MotherBrain Eating Amoeba
Locked In Syndrome
Stendhal Syndrome
Jerusalem Syndrome
Self Enucleation
Stanford Prison Experiment
Pit of Despair
Harlequin-Type Ichthyosis
Genie the Feral Child
Benjamin Kyle


Torture Methods and Devices
The Pear of Anguish
Hanged, Drawn, and Quartered
Rat Torture
Brazen Bull
Slow Slicing
Sleep Deprivation
Stress Positions

Conspiracies & Stories:

Black Helicopters
The Licked Hand
Chemtrail Conspiracy
New World Order Conspiracy
Killer in the Backseat
I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream
Boy Scout Lane
New City Village
The Clinton Body Count
Denver International Airport Conspiracy


Yosemite Sam
The Station Nightclub Fire
Rogue Waves
Vagina Dentata
Mongolian Death Worm
List of Unusual Deaths
Being Buried Alive
Daycare Sex Abuse Hysteria
Carl Tanzler
Bog Bodies
A Serbian Film
Cannibal Holocaust
Dead Hand
Action Park
120 Days of Sodom
Human Corpse Soap
Christine Chubbuck
Traumatic Insemination
John Fare

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Back before I understood anything, I tried to use logic to combat my depression and find out how to be more fulfilled, but I ended up convincing myself that I shouldn’t even want to be happy to begin with, that fulfillment either doesn’t exist or isn’t humanly possible.

"The universe is a cruel, uncaring void. The key to being happy isn’t the search for meaning, it’s to just keep yourself busy with unimportant nonsense and eventually, you’ll be dead."
— Mr Peanut Butter (series Bojack Horseman)

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Remember Sweet Cakes by Homophobia Melissa? The Oregon bakery that refused to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple? Well. They closed. And the state is suing them for $150,000, so now Head Bigot Baker Melissa Klein is out here crying at Conservative functions because it’s…

She feels just awful that her government could “do this to her” too. And by “do this” I mean uphold laws that stipulate that discriminating against people as a business open to the public as illegal. 

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Just moved to Canada from the UK, the five dollar bills are an amazing suprise!

I was trying to find something bad to say about Canada. But they are one of my two favorite countries to the south. Canada, you guys are awesome.

Heaven is comfortable, relaxed, warm. Like a great night’s sleep, where you dream and you are warm, and comfortable, and relaxed, and your mind wanders. And you roll-over, and go back to sleep. And back into dreams.

"Not that there’s anything wrong with that." (if you don’t know this reference, you are too young, too old, or out of touch). It’s just that I have a terrible gag reflex. At the dentist, it takes two people to do those full x-rays, were they do the very back teeth. They put that thing in, and you have about two seconds before I’m puking, or spitting that thing back out.

Great movie. The detail is amazing. You should watch the director’s cut with the commentary. Fascinating. I love these mind-bending movies.

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